The Art of Sharp

Will was in Paris last week for the PharmaPack 2017 exhibition, a European-wide fest of everything to do with pharmaceutical packaging from drug delivery mechanisms to smart labels. Will was there with Richard Hartnell of Hartnell Creative Communication to set up an exhibition booth Richard had designed for our client, Terumo, a syringe manufacturer which Richard.

Using experiential marketing techniques we had designed the booth in the form of an art gallery there were five pieces of the original art work ranging from’ Love is the drug’ which was a set of syringes arranged in a heart shape by British artist, Anthony Moman, through some kirigami (ancient Japanese art similar to origami but made by using scissors) and then the ‘cutting edge’ piece by Robert Zimmermann (no not Bob Dylan) using Ferrofluid and powerful magnets to create and recreate unusual shapes.

Use of hand-held audio guides enhanced the experience for the attendees. The sales team were really pleased with the booth as it made their interactions with potential customers a lot easier and the exhibition organisers thought it was the most original booth they had seen in a long while and backed this up by taking extensive video and pictures of the art Gallery and its contents.

The two-day show was a complete success for Terumo with over 100 qualified leads in the bag and they are really looking forward to their next show, as are we.

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